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In just a couple of minutes a day, Peopability's data driven approach to training makes it easy to...

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Reduce training costs

Developing your people is one of the biggest costs of doing business.

Spend only on training proven to be needed

Every year, organisations spend millions of dollars on training employees. However, despite this, most organisations have no way to determine whether the training their people attend is (a) actually needed or (b) the right training to address specific capability needs.

Peopability changes that. Using a continuous micro-assessment process that aligns directly to your business goals, data is collected to determine exactly where the development opportunities for every individual employee lies. So, your people are only ever recommended training that data proves they need, not training that they might need; and by doing that, training costs that won’t help you achieve your business goals are eliminated.

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Easily identify training that needs improving

​Understanding which training programs are improving employee capability - and, just as importantly, which ones aren’t - is crucial to ensuring an organisation's training dollars are spent as effectively as possible. However, without metrics that can pinpoint training successes and failures, it's impossible to know whether existing content should remain as is, needs re-work or if there is another underlying problem.

Peopability's data driven dashboards provide insight into the effectiveness of your training, across organisation, division, team or individual, so that you can quickly and collaboratively make agile decisions about how to best optimise your training outcomes.

Learn more quickly, remember more effectively

Science has proven that traditional training methods simply don't work. In fact, without any subsequent action, 94% of new knowledge is forgotten within 90 days of a training event, and that constitutes a huge waste time and money.


Peopability applies scientifically proven, best practice learning techniques, including Spaced Repetition, microlearning and gamification to enhance an organisation's existing training content, improve the speed at which employees learn information, and keep employee knowledge at its peak. And the result? Less wasted productivity and training spend.


Improve business performance

An organisation's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage 

- Jack Welch

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Achieve strategic business objectives by aligning learning

Whether your business objectives are to make more money, build reputation, increase speed, or improve competitive advantage, you will only be successful if your employees have the right knowledge and skills to contribute to reaching that strategic vision.


That's why Peopability begins by connecting your business objectives (and the associated performance results) to the roles, capabilities, and training that will allow you to achieve those objectives.

Know the capability gaps impacting business performance

The knowledge and skills of your employees drive the success of your business. But, how do you objectively determine what your employee knowledge base is, so that you can then identify gaps that are likely to impact business outcomes?


Peopability’s adaptive algorithm continuously assesses and reinforces the capabilities defined as critical to your business, collecting the answers received from each employee to provide data about what your people know and don't know.

Track the impact of learning on business outcomes

Proving how employee capability and  associated training contributes to actual business performance has been virtually impossible....until now.

Peopability ​delivers comprehensive, real-time insight into the impact that employee capability is having on business results, allowing you to critically evaluate how knowledge, participation and learning content changes your business outcomes. 

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Transform Organisational Culture

Understand and focus on continuously improving your employees' experience

Improve talent acquisition and retention 

As the global unemployment rate hovers at its lowest point in four decades, it is becoming more and more difficult for organisations to not only acquire strong candidates for open positions, but also to keep the talented people already employed. So, how do you differentiate yourself in the war for talent? Human capital trends show that acquisition and retention is all about the 'employee experience'... and one of the key factors contributing to a great EX is being able to learn in a purposeful and productive way.

Harnessing digital innovation, Peopability integrates with an organisation’s existing learning platform and training content to deliver personalised, micro-learning, using any device. So, whether it’s on-boarding new hires or providing growth opportunities for existing employees, you can optimise your employees’ experience, in a way that is meaningful and timely.

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Make learning fun with gamification

Gamification is all about recreating a gaming experience in the workplace; not only are games fun and improve morale, but science shows that the human brain's response to winning (or doing something well)  is to release a hormone that makes you feel good. In the workplace, feeling good converts to more engaged, knowledgeable employees.

Peopability translates the gaming experience into learning by applying points, levels, progress charts and leaderboards to assessment questions, reinforcement, and training. This results in happier, more engaged employees... all proven by science!

Create a workforce of the future

The new era of constant technical innovation and digitisation brings with it an intense pressure on business to be able to adapt rapidly - and to do that, employees must be able to re-skill and up-skill continuously and quickly. However, before it is possible to start teaching new skills, organisations need to first understand what skills they already have available.


Peopability allows you to not only find out what skills your people already have, but also suggests what needs to be done to attain new or more advanced skills to meet the requirements of the future.

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