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For Employees

Continuous, customised learning that is fast, fun and will have a measurable impact on employee effectiveness

Receive and answer questions assessing capability levels

Instant results, explanation and reinforcement

Training assigned when a

skill gap identified

Why Peopability?

A complete learning solution that will impact every level of your organisation

For Employees
For Managers

For Managers

Data driven, on demand reporting that enables managers to make informed, measurable decisions about people development.

Real time dashboards tracking individual & team performance

Comprehensive recommendations around training needs, costs, and impact to productivity

Insight into the overall competency strengths and weaknesses of your team

For Organisations

For Organisations

Multi-dimensional insight into capability strengths & weaknesses across the entire organisation, allowing leadership to make strategic decisions for optimised business results.

Understand the capability levels of the organisation's entire workforce

Know the organisational spend & impact to productivity associated with improving 

capability levels

See whether the organisation's training activities are having an impact on business results

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