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Peopability's approach to data privacy and information security

Tapmint, the creator of Peopability, is committed to our customers’ data privacy and information security.


Our security programs are aligned with ISO 27001, we follow secure development practices, and we provide ongoing training for employees to ensure your information is safe. 


We are also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is the new EU data protection regulation that gives EU citizens more control over how organisations collect and process their data, and standardises data protection policies across the EU. This regulation became applicable on May 25, 2018.

Who does the GDPR affect?

Any company holding or processing information of EU citizens is impacted by the GDPR regardless of its location, and is required to comply with the new regulation.

Tapmint's compliance with GDPR

Our data privacy policies and security procedures adhere to the international global privacy standards required by GDPR and other regulations and we have comprehensive documentation reflecting this.


If you would like to review any of our following policies or procedures that, please email us :

Accountability & Governance

  • Data Processing and Protection

  • Personal Data Analysis Procedure

  • Data Processing Agreement

  • Data Protection Policy

  • Controller-Processor Agreement Policy

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Procedure

  • Processor Employee Confidentiality Agreement

  • Personal Data Breach Notification Procedure

  • Data Subject Request Procedure

  • Records Retention and Protection Policy

Data Security

  • Information Security Policy

  • Processor Security Controls Policy

  • Information Security Incident Response Procedure

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Access Control Policy

  • Anti-Malware Policy

  • Cloud Computing Policy

  • Cryptographic Policy

  • Electronic Messaging Policy

  • Mobile Device Policy

  • Network Security Policy

  • Physical Security Policy


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